Hello everybody. I've got a problem. I,ve bought a guitar, but I have no combo. And I will not get any in nearest future. So I connected my guitar into computer's sound card. I used Guitar Rig 3 as a guitar processor. But there is a growing noise when I start to play. I decided that the reason is that the sound card is integrated in motherboard. And here comes the question! Can anyone tell what sound card is better?
You should try to buy some sort of Guitar -> USB interface.

Normal sound cards will make your guitar sound not good .
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There is no or very little signal amplification when the guitar is plugged directly into the computer line-in or mic port. You to have some sort of pre-amp for the guitar to sound decent through computer speakers. Ways to pre-amp the guitar are a tone port, a multi effects processor or pedal, the headphone or line out jack on an amp, a direct box or mixer with built in pre-amp, or a software preamp that controls a sound card with built in amplication. The cheapest way to do it usually is to get an inexpensive multi effects processor, and run it into the line-in of the sound card. This will let you play through the computer speakers and it will sound ok as long as it's not turned up too much. But you can probably find a cheap practice amp as easily as a cheap multi effects processor or pedal. Good luck.
most soundcards do have mic preamps (albeit very crappy ones) your best bet is to get a USB or firewire interface.
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