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Please check out my guitar cover of Pink Floyd's song Time. Let me know what you think . C4C.


Absolutely Amazing!

Loved every second!
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Lovely once you get in to, it but the 'bah, bah booooohhhh' in the intro is out of time. After that though it's perfect.
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Good job mate! You've managed to stay true to David Gilmour's playing style (slow, articulate phrasing, with lots of feeling). Few remarks: sometimes your bend is not pitched correctly, wich can me quite annoying during a slow solo. Besides that, some minor timing problems, that will disappear with just a little more practice. My verdict: 4/5! Well done.
please crit my floyd covers: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Donka/music/all/play329309
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Really nice... you should definitely work a lot on your bends though. A couple were off. I have the same problem.

Check out my version of Time in my profile!