does anybody know of a keyboard that just plays piano? ive been looking for one that has a good piano sound but i dont have the money to buy any of them.
im pretty sure almost all keyboards have a piano setting
you just gotta find the sound you like by trying em
The Nord Stage 88...

Bloody amazing, but it costs £2000

You could buy a M-Audio 88 Stage Piano (can't recall it's proper name) but they are about £200. Placebo's auxiliary musicians used them on their Meds tour.

Look at Casio's too, but I personally don't enjoy the sound.

Buying one, you can use it as a midi master keyboard (but then again, any midi keyboard can be)

Looking on ebay could be a start.

But down to experience with sampled piano keyboards, they tend to sound all the same (as in not great) when you put them through a PA.

And it will never ever compare to real piano, no matter what Steinway or whatever they sample.
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A keyboard with just a piano setting?

That would be pretty damn incovenient, wouldn't it?
why not just get an electric piano if you don't want a keyboard?
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I don't know a keyboard that just plays piano, but if you can get a Kurzweil, they have amazing piano sounds.
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