I got an old Peavey VT Deuce today 4 free, its missing the tubes for it, and it looks like its been sitting for awhile, would it b worth trying to get it fixed? and it looks like 1 of the tube sockets is broke in the middle, can take pics if needed.

I no its heavy as all hell, from the size of the speakers, I'd say its pretty loud, only 1 place around here that works on them, wants 40 an hr plus, so im a lil shy bout getting it looked at and buying tubes, if i can find out what tubes to get, i no it takes 4
Ill clean it up a lil, tonight and take pics of it tomorrow, I just signed up at the peavey forum, see what kind info i can get there, hopfully get a manual for it
close to that, set up a lil different, black cab, from what i read, maybe black widow speakers, i think
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close to that, set up a lil different, black cab, from what i read, maybe black widow speakers, i think

Ahh, either way i know for sure the VT version only goes for 200-250 so its still not worth it. I would just part it out and make some cash off of it...
wow. ok.

looks like it has been exposed to quite a bit of moisture. did you say it was only missing tubes or a tube socket was busted as well. tubes are cheap so i still say it is worth trying but that is easy for me say - just sittin here.

well more i look at it, looks like part of the tube might b in the socket, a few days ago, i got ahold of marshell 12 lead series, thats been sitting n a shed for a few yrs, cleaned it up, put sum contact cleaner on it, works fine, so im getting more curious on this 1
If part of the tube is in the socket, yank that bitch out, buy new tubes, bias em up and get that amp a rollin.

I'd also get those electricals checked out, looks like somebody dropped that thing in a swimming pool.
Im pretty sure it was in a garage, that leaked..lol, mainly its surface rust, sum wires a lil exposed, but not corroied(SP?), but im thinking if im lucky 100-200 in repair as to 600 for a VK 212, see the size of those speakers.....damnn...lol
well - you obviously know what you are doing so clean this sucker up and then come back with some new pics and HOPEFULLY some clips too.

PS - take pics along the way as a documentary. i have no idea what i'm talking about but it sounds like fun. is that a reverb pan on the bottom?

If ur talking about metal strip along the bottom of the amp, from the schematics, i think it is, im still trying to find out what model vt it is, sum of the pics ive seen, these speakers r more massive along with the build, it has inserts for wheels, damn thing is heavy