OK, I need some serious help.

I recently got a morley bad horsie 2 contour wah pedal which ive been waiting a long time for.

However, it has serious issues. When on bypass its fine but as soon as i turn it on I get IMMENSE feedback. The wah sound that I can hear over the feedback sounds good but thats pointless if it sounds like theres a hurricane in my guitar rig.

my rig is like this:

Ibanez S5470-> bad horsie->Boss MD-2->Digitech RP150( purely for effects)-> Vox VBM-1 amp.

Ive tried turning different volumes up and down, swiching the distortion and wah around and ive tried using the noisegate on the digitech but nothing works.

The Pedal was brought brand new and has a 2 year warranty.

so wtf do i do?
How close is your guitar and wah to the amp? How much gain is your amp up to? Did you try running just your guitar to the wah to the amp? Try turning the volume down on the guitar. Try taking out the RP that could cause the feedback. I know the vocal processor screws with volume and feedback, the RP could be doing the same.
does it do this on both contour mode and regular mode? maybe your contour setting is out of whack........this may be a stupid question but you do know that the button isn't what turns the wah on and off right? it's a switchless wah.....the button turns contour on and off.......sorry if thats obvious
I'm guessing it might be the RP. Like I said, try messing with the eqs again, then slowly add on the other pedals. If there is no feedback when it's strictly your guitar to the wah to the amp, then you should be able to trouble shoot what the problem is. I def. suggest looking in to something other than the RP. Make sure your a good distance from your amp as well. ARe you running it on the dirty channel with the RP?
does it only scream when the wah pedal is all the way forward?

because if so you are making your tone way more brighter adding lots of treble which will make it scream like that with alot of gain or a bunch of treble already.. completely normal and nothing is wrong with the pedal..

also like the guy above me said.. how close are you?
try moving the wah and guitar further away, might get rid of or lessen it.
Thanks for all the replies guys but ive tried everything youve suggested and it still sounds like crap. It happened even with just the wah and the amp. shoot i even tried changing my amp but nothing works.

Why do I get the feeling that Im screwed?...

and yes i know about the countour thing.....
Go straight to the source - contact Morley. I have the same wah and have no such problems. If anyone could help you, it's them.
we have 2 pieces of the same gear.
where'd you get your s5470 bw rvf?

are you using the contour feature?
if yes are you using extreme settings?
have you tried turning down the treble knob of your amp?
or the gain knob?
or maybe the mid knob?
are you stepping on both the wah and the digitech whammy at the same time?
are you chaining too many effect pedals?
any other extreme settings?
have you tried it on sterile clean settings?
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Switch power supply. I had this problem with my Bad Horsie as well. I suspect you are trying to run it on a dc-adaptor. The thing with morleys is that they don't work with just any adaptor, it's power supply have to be regulated. Boss makes a good regulated ac adaptor, and most adaptors comming with synthezisers and other musical equipment should be as well.
Or just run it on a 9v battery. I acctually prefer to run my on batteries, since the tone gets a little too bright when I use the adaptor.
^ Youre right I was using a DC adapter. Ive now switched to a 9V battery but is my pedal still gonna be screwed up?