Hey guys my dad suprised me with a brand spankin new Gibson ES-339. And holy shat it is amazing. The body is the size of an LP but you still get that classic 335. I absolutely love this guitar......rec trying one out.....

p.s. ill put up pics later.
hahaha hold up my camera died on me so i have to recharge it then i will take pics of the neck, body, etc......should be up around 730/8ish
Aren't they like... Brutally expensive?
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Just so everyone knows......this is easily one of the best guitars I have ever played/owned. I get a really nice jazzy or blues tone from it, so I crank up the distortion and go a really nicce hard rock sound. Seriously if you have the money buy it. Plus, I can finally say I own a custom shop by Gibson .
Lucky bastard! These things never happens to me!
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Dont be down on yourself lol....i work 70 hour weeks and have a 3.75 and I help my rents out a lot so my dad decided to reward me......start saving now though seriously.
Wigert.....they list at 1799.99 on musiciansfriend....it is a custom shop though

NOTE: Can not post pics, I live in northern ohio and we are on a tornado warninng. Long story short we have no power so I have a battery pack that needs to last.