music by numbers:

the main lick is good, but i feel like the backing chords are overpowering it a little bit

the solo is good, the shreddin is sick man

the 2nd solo is better than the first i would say

then the main lick with just drums, i like the change

big mood change, coulda picked a better tone for the chords, but the soft part behind it sounds good. the drums were a bit to intense? thats just me though

def. heard the paul gilbert/ satriani influence.

overall good song, keep it up!

Definately hear a little Glasgow Kiss by Petrucci. Pretty sick stuff tho. The lead stuff is great. Some of the backing chords were a little loud in the mix at some parts, but didn't ruin anything. Overall, good stuff. Keep this up, and you'll be writing concept albums in no time! Haha.

If you don't mind, do you think you could take a listen to one of my tracks:




You don't have to comment on them all, but if you could do one, that'd be great. Thanks!
Sweet songs! not a fan of the production/mix quality, but it myt just be the computer drums that turn me off. Awesome songs tho! there was a couple parts in music by numbers that were a little rough as far a lead tone/notes. But all in all its a good song!

Check mine out? Its right up your ally......


let me know what you think!