i keep hearing everyone talk about how you have to "learn your theory" to progress, and how you have to know and understand the different scales, but that makes no sense to me, the only way i can figure to learn the scales is to simply memorize them in the different positions, i have no idea what everyone means by understanding them, help please?
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It's suggested, but (IMHO, mind you) not mandatory, to learn theory. I can't explain it in detail because I haven't learned it, but there's a lot of people on here who could. (The only scales I know are on piano, and even then, I probably couldn't play them either xP)

Just look up guitar theory on one of the mainstream search engines, and read up on it.
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It's literally is as simple as learning the scales in different positions.

The only other thing you have to worry about is when to use the right scale, i.e the one that fits over the chord pattern that you are using. For example, if I played the chords A-C-G-A for 4 beats each, then the scale to best use over that would be the A minor scale (All of those chords are constructed using the notes of the A minor scale) or A pentatonic minor (best to think of this as a simplified version of the A minor scale).

Really you need to learn the way scales and chords fit together (and what they even are [?]), so I suggest using this lesson (there are lessons on this site for you to use )

First thing - learn the notes on the fretboard. You can't learn anything about scales until you've done that.
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you can try starting at the basics:

1. learn how to read/play music notes
2. learn basic music notation
3. learn all open chords
4. learn all E and A form Barre Chords
5. book learning - music scales, how intervals work, and key signatures

and then move on to scales - you still won't 'get' music theory, but this is a beginning.

I heard 'Music Theory for Dummies' is very good.

Good Luck.
Start learning notes on the guitar.
Then learn the major scale and intervals.

And then you can progress into scale theory w/ no fear.
you dont necessarily have to understand it to play well...but if you understand it you open a whole world of writing music