A friend of mine is buying an OLP MM2 bass. He's also going to take off the pickguard, but wouldn't this just leave a big hole in the front of the body. He said the shopkeeper told him that it's possible and that It's just there for show. Is this true ??
It might be true, it might not. I've never seen underneath it, but I know that many guitars/basses can have the pickguard removed without exposing routing and wiring.
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Oh really? didn't know that. I always thought the point of a pickguard was to hide the wiring.
the guy from the shop is pretty thrustworthy so if he says it's possible it probably is.

depends how it's routed.. there's something called rear routing and something called front/underpickguard routing

basically front routing is like a strat.. which is basically a bigass pocket for the controls and pickups, while rear routing is more like a les paul.. with only the pickups routed in the front, and the contral cavity in the back

iunno about mm basses though.
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i got an oldfield stingray copy and i can take the pick-guard off i think its similar 2 a les paul instead of a strat

damn beaten 2 it

^ what he sed basically
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Indeed they are not there just to hide the wires, but as the name suggests a "pickguard" can protect the body against very violent picking! (Not that I do that on bass... using my fingers...)