Hey .... Im going to se Serj Tankian i my town i DK on wednesday. Really looking foreward to, since i saw SOAD once, and it was awesome. Like Serjs new stuff to.

Has anybody seen Serj live, does he bring up a good show ?

Hate when musicians perform like, you know - another day, another gig, without that magic spark.
my friend saw him with the foo fighters in chicago in february, said it was ****in amazing!! your a lucky asshole, u kno that???

"et quand le jour arrive la tourner el ciel et la tourner la mer et la mer eh ven embrasse moi et la deneh ve moi logis"
I saw him support the Foo Fighters and was pretty impressed, but you should really take this to the Bands and Artists, forum, The Pit is for topics not covered elsewhere in the forums.
Now Serj is an odd one.

I saw a video the other day of one of his songs, first I'd really heard of his stuff TBH. It had lots of young kids at playgroup or something in it.

Anyway, my point is, he never stopped singing. Not once. It was incredible. I've never heard a vocal wank before, and there it was. A very flambouyant style of singing, throwing his voice high and low, with harmonising vocal layers to boot.

My opinion is that it's almost a little carnival, with the excption of the lyrics I might add, and I couldn't really get past what seemed like an ego boosting session.

I may also add that I'm not a huge SOAD fan, but I have much respect for them. Having seen them twice, I can appreciate their live talents.

I would be interested to know if Serj can pull this song off (an I would assume a large portion of his set) live.

If he can, then he deserves the respect of a world class vocalist.
I respect him for going solo,

But I realy dislike his music,

Why dont you look on youtube?
multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
"The hacienda must be rebuilt"
cuz private concert videos suck, and naturally official videos are chosen to be brought to public as PR.

But hey, of course a have been seeing all that stuff multible times..
It's actually quite interessting that the one guitarist on the left, is playing i Daneelectro. A rare sight
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I wish i could have seen him live.

I'm going to guess he pulls off a live show, because I've not heard otherwise.
You're lucky.

I think you guys from the US or UK would have more opportunities to see acts like Serj i the future.

But the fact that a Artist of that caliber is playing, in a small club (about 1000 people) in a country whose only achivement in the last decade where some ugly cartoons, is quite sensational. So i went kind of crazy as i found out he was playing in my country, in my town.

I have that kind of stereotypeous idéa. That americans or comparable, don't have a clue where Denmark lies.

So heads up guys, you would probaly have a second, third og fifth chance.
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Now Serj is an odd one.

I saw a video the other day of one of his songs, first I'd really heard of his stuff TBH. It had lots of young kids at playgroup or something in it.

i Love that video. A load of little kids re-enacting the war in iraq. An amazing statement against war
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Everyone is trying a comeback now. Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage, and now bin Laden? Come on. Give it a rest..

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I think he's a weirdo.

He's a really really nice kind of a madman !

and i like madmen.
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i saw him open for the foo fighters in philly back in february. i was looking forward to hearing some of his newer stuff because i liked SOAD but it really wasn't that good in my opinion. he also really didnt seem to have much energy, he just kind of walked around.