ive finished school so ive got a few months free so ive decided 2 do soe mods on my les paul copy what ive decided to paint the top black (so ill end up with a black top and headstock with red back,sides andback of neck) and re-wire it so i have 1 humbucker and 1 vol pot(maybe install coil tap at a later date)

was i need 2 no is can i paint over the orignal paint work or do i have 2 sand off all the paint first? (my LP is cherry sunbusrt btw)

sorry if this has been done i did try the search bar but i couldnt find anythin about painting straight over the old finish

and youtube likes 2 re finishing vids would be helpful

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You can indeed paint directly over the old finish and do not need to take it all off, but you will need to sand down well first to allow the paint to tack on the surface. Finishing with P800 is advisable. As the present scheme is a burst it would also be advisable to primer the guitar in a flat colour first to allow the colour coats to be even.

I can't say I personally feel blacking over a nice sunburst is a great idea, that's up to you. If you need anymore painting pointers, just shout or search UG...

- Rich