Alright, I'm definitely set on one of them, not sure which though. I was thinking of the White one(back ordered, maybe won't get it), and it's $50 less, any reason on that?

Also, the limited edition `66 one with the full pickguard, anything different about that besides its looks?

What about the blue metallic ones, any pictures of them? I don't really trust the pictures on the site since the colors are all wrong.
I have the goth, and it's pretty swell, though it's not what you guys were wondering about.
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I don't know why it would be cheaper :S Although, when I got my Explorer, the black ones were $50 more expensive than the Korina ones.

If you're set on an SG style, look at the Gothic SG and the white one with 3 pickups with or without the maestro tremolo. I've played both and they were absolutely great.
for the most part the only diff is the looks and maybe ome wiring or some other tech thing like that but no major diff becides looks