hey, as u can see from my sig im thinkin bout gettin hold of a Vintage modified P-bass, i reckon i know the answer but it this a good bass for playin pop punk and stuff like that, that my eb3 cant really, and is it really as good as the MIM fender Precision as some have suggested, cheers guys
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i've never played one myself, but from what i've heard the VM p-bass is better than the MIM fender because the pickups are much better.

obviously the wood and bridge etc will be better on the fender, but seeing as the fender is double the price you can easily get a bad ass II bridge with plenty of money left over.
Well, its a P bass, so should fit the pop punk bill very nicely, the P bass being the stereotypical punk / pop punk bass, with the stingray following in second by my reckoning...

as for comparisions to MIM Fenders, I dont know about the VM P Bass, but the VM J basses are certainly an excellent and cheaper alternative to MIM in my humble opinion
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I find the VM Jazz to be better build quality, but of course it's not a P so if you want the P tone, the VM P does it great for a budget.

The Classic Vibe P seems to be made out of better wood. At least in my experience Basswood is superior to Agathis. I'm not sure if they're yet released or when they will be if not, but it may be worth waiting to try and play both models and getting a comparison.
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it is not a MiM fender bass for sure.

But it as as close as it gets if you cant afford one!
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