I'd just like to know what everyone has as their EQ settings on their amps, your type of amp would be nice to know also. I've been looking for a better tone out of my Crate BT100 until I have the money for a better amp.

Right now it's like this:

Crate BT100
Low: 6
Low-Mid: 5
High-Mid: 7
High: 6

I haven't really messed around with my EQ too much, I pretty much just leave it at that. I'll be changing it up soon after some suggestions...I play mostly Metallica and some funk.
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All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
I usually have my amps EQ bypassed. The Ibanez sounds great anyway, and my other basses have good active preamps that I tweak a lot mid-song.
I have an Ampeg SVT-CL with an 8x10 cab, and my settings are as follows (for bedroom playing at the moment).

Gain: 3
Bass: 6
Mid: 7.5 - 8
Frequency: 3
Treble: 6.5 - 7
Master Volume: 2

Amazing midrange growl for metal and heavier styles of rock.
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Treble 4.5
Bass 7
Thats the best sound I get out of my amp.
Also I turn the presence all the way up when the tubes hit overdrive. I can't control my mids.
Wawrick Profet 3.2:
Bass: 5 (flat)
Treble: 5 (flat)
Mids: 2/3

All my eq-ing is on my bass. It would be all flat, but the dropped mids add more variation to the tone.
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I use
Boss ME20B
low mid-4
high mid-8.5

Acoustic B200
bass- 7
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

Warwick sweet 15.2
70hz +0db
140hz -2db
210hz +1db
420hz +3.5db
730hz +3.5db
1.2khz +1.5db
2.5khz +0db
5khz -2db
Or something close to that anyway.

On my bass I mostly boost the mids a tiny bit and change the highs and lows depending on what tone I'm after.
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On my ashdown mag300
Bass:2 oclock
220hz: 10:30
Mid: a little below 9
1.6khz: 11
treble: 11:45

A great Jazzy/jaco tone when i D.I. it. I love it
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See, those who post in this thread can only give opinions because its personal preference as to how you have your EQ.

but, ill put my input in anyway

i suggest if you have the BT100, go onto crates website and download the manual. or , if you got a manual with it, look in that for suggested EQ settings. I found the Manual for the BT220 and got the EQ suggested setting for rock, jazz etc there.

but personally i have:
Ashdown MAG 300 EVO II head with MAG 1 15" (i.e. NOT A COMBO) and have mainly all at 1 o clock with more bass and low mid and a bit more treble.
I basically cut my mids and boost my treble and bass by a fraction. It makes my Boss DS-1 sound alot smoother, almost like the MT-2.
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I use a i think 7 channel ampeg at practice. I cut my mids way down, and boost my bass slightly more than my treble. Drive is about midway, and gain is way up
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Am I the only person in the world that doesn't boost their treble?

SWR 550X
Bass: +7
Mid: +3/+4
Frequency: 525

You're the only one who cuts it excessively, I'm betting that sounds like mud.
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Am I the only person in the world that doesn't boost their treble?

SWR 550X
Bass: +7
Mid: +3/+4
Frequency: 525

No treble at all...?
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