Okay so I've had my guitar at the shop for almost a month now and am starting to get a little pissed. This is my first time getting a full setup on my guitar, but how long do shops usually take to get your guitar back to you? Is it supposed to take this long? I know the actually job isn't too long but I'm asking with the backup and everything, does it usually take this long?
takes me about an hour. Alot of it has to do with how busy the shop is. last time i got my amp retubed it took 6-7 weeks
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if they can do it right away, I'd say 30 minutes tops unless some sort of problem arises, then it could take a lot longer.

I set up my guitars myself, but when i did take them to the shop I made sure they could do it while I was in the store.
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a month does seem a bit too long lol. I would have thought a day if they werent too swamped perhaps 2 or 3 if they were really busy.
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Some stores tend to take a ridiculously lot of time, it's almost as if they were doing it on purpose to see the musician suffer. 1 month is just way too much if you ask me. They can set up the guitars in less than two days. The bigger stores tend to take longer as they know that they aren't gonna run out of people visiting them(Here at least)
Well, I know the job itself it short, but for a shop, I wanted to know how long it takes. When I went to the shop, there were just guitars everywhere but I don't know if they were all there for the same thing or if they were done or to be worked on.
where did you take it? I live in Houston as well, and maybe I can help
some places just take in a ton of guitars and get to the pup swaps and setups, whenever.

honestly, if there's another local shop anywhere near, i suggest you call the other shop, and find out their availability. if they can get to the job, and you trust them, then go visit your guitar and tell them now or never.

a month isnt that out of the ordinary, but it should be.

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place I go to takes a week.

they make small adjustments and wait 24 hours, etc..

chances are they just forgot to call you.

I would have been calling after the 8th day.
you know they Could have dropped it on accident, and are doing some major repair on it, Just a thought to keep in mind. But I would ask to see if its done and they are waiting for your to come get it.
I dropped my guitar off for a setup at 12:30 and picked it up at 2:30 and they had it done way before I came. So, you should definitely call and complain.
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a month?! are you sure they didn't **** up your guitar and are trying to cover it up or something. try doing it yourself next time
I go to a guy that's pretty well known around these parts and he works by appointment. This way he takes in work that will only be around one to two days for most jobs. You may have to wait to get in (sometimes he's booked up to 2 weeks in advance) but hats' a sign that he does good work as he's popular. Go rescue your guitar and find someone with a good rep like that to do your work.
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They probably lost it and are trying to find it but are telling you that there have been delays. Well, maybe.