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What is your longest and shortest song?

Longest - Dopesmoker by Sleep (1:03:31)

Shortest - No Pun Intended by Psychostick (10 seconds)
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Longest actual song: Bitches Brew - Miles Davis (27:01)
Shortest: Studio Chat - Deep Purple (0:06)
Longest - Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (48:44)
Shortest - The Misfits - Static Intro (0:07)
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Voodoo chilD = 15.00 minutes

Smells like Teen Spirit Cover by System of a Down 30 seconds
Echoes - Pink Floyd (23 minutes 27 seconds)
Anti-Procrastination Song - S.O.D. (4 seconds)
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Yeah - Queen (0.04)
The Decline - NOFX (18.22)
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Napalm Death - You Suffer (5 Seconds)


Kraftwerk - Autobahn (22:43)
longest -> dream theater - octavarium (the one from "score") 27 minutes
shortest -> don't really know
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Longest: Kerker - Paysage D'Hiver 35:06
Shortest: Interlude - Gorgoroth 0:11
How I wish, how I wish
That the world, that the world
Had just one
And my fingers were around it

Literature thread
Longest: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-7), Pink Floyd, 17:33
Shortest: Heloooo, Robin Williams, 00:01
Longest - NME Love Music Hate Racism medley (53:25)

Shortest - (Four Seconds Of Noise) - Hot Hot Heat (0:04)
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Longest. A Modern Myth- 30 Seconds To MArs 14:14
Shortest. Happy Holidays, You Bastard- blink 182 0:42
Shortest - Wrong Company - Flogging Molly(0:36)
Longest - The Bass and Guitar Solos off Live Sh*t - Metallica(18:48).
Studio would have to be Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden (13:40)
NOFX- **** the Kids II- 00:05
Pink Floyd- Echoes- 23:31
Telecaster - SG - Jaguar
Princeton Reverb, Extra Reverb
P-Bass - Mustang Bass
Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
Dark Star - Grateful Dead 1:14:00
And i enjoy every second of it
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longest: hidden track by tool on undertow 15:47

shortest: 36 by system of a down...oddly 46 seconds long lmao
Queensryche - Anybody Listening? (0:02)
Allman Brothers Band - Mountain Jam (33:41)
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NOFX- **** the Kids II- 00:05
Pink Floyd- Echoes- 23:31

exact same.....weird

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Spray Paint - Black Flag (0:35)
The Odyssey - Symphony X (24:13)

Or [Untitled Track] - Ayreon (0:04) and The Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance - Dream Theater (somewhere in the 40s..)

I don't count these as the untitled track is not a song and SDOIT is split into seperate parts.
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Longest:Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence(41:33) off of score by Dream theater

Shortest: A new Machine Part 2(0:39) off A Momentary lapse in reason by Pink Floyd
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Smells like Teen Spirit Cover by System of a Down 30 seconds

that sounds interesting. where can i get it?

longest - Strength of the World - Avenged Sevenfold - 10-ish minutes
shortest - Intro - Linkin Park - 32 seconds
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shortest LA Drone :17 - Led Zeppelin
longest Dazed and Confused(live) 25:27 - Led Zeppelin(again)
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Longest: Clitoris Trafficer - Semen Soup Demo (17:01)
Shortest: The Freeze - This Is Boston Not L.A (0:34)

Most my music is on CDs though.
Dopesmoker (62 minutes) and You Suffer (but why?) (1.3 seconds)
Longest - Green Day on Lamacq Live - 3 hours 59 minutes 41 seconds
Shortest - The Planet Smashers - Untitled - 4 seconds
In the Wake of Posideon by King Crimson, but since that is an entire album condensed into one track, I would say 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulance- Dream Theater is longest

Anti-Procrastination song is shortest
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Longest: Echoes by Pink Floyd, 23:31
Shortest: Get Down Tonight by The Left Rights, 0:05
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Longest - Shine on you crazy diamond - pink floyd(17:32)

Shortest - Intro(Super Karate Monkey Death Car) - Stephen Lynch(00:12)
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Shortest: Intro - Hate Eternal off of their live album (12 seconds)

Longest: Black Rose Immortal by Opeth (20 minutes, 14 seconds)
Longest: "Thick As A Brick (Side A)" - Jethro Tull - 22:37

Shortest: "The Suckiest Water" - Jeff Buckley - 9 Seconds

Good thread.
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