ok heres whats goin on when i turn it on it just cylces through all the effects without me pressing the pedal it will say for example p3 then flash 5 then p1 flash 9 and when i press the pedal nothing happens. is there a way to reset it ?
not sure on yours, but these are the instructions to Reset mine.

when powering up press and hold the 'Store' button until display says:
FACRST (for factory reset).
release 'Store' button - which will now be flashing
press and hold 'Store' button for 3 seconds until RSTORD appears.

factory reset takes about 20 seconds
this will erase any custom configs you have

if this doesn't work, got to Digitech.com and download your owners manual in PDF.

if that doesn't work, it may simply be shot.

good luck

ok i tried it and now it is completly frozen and nothing happens when i push any button
try this - i found under Support/Discontinued Products/ - it is s 1.1Mb PDF


my hunch is it is toast, did you have any power outages or anything like that?

i hope i am wrong and good luck

ye we did so maybe its fried i am going to bring it back to the store i bought it from and c if they can fix it
yeah, i know it is a pain but when we get storms with lots of lightening i typically unplug my my amp and pedal to be safe. they are the only 2 things on a 6 slot power strip so i just turn the power off on the strip. my solid state amps are on another power strip and i don't worry about unplugging those lol.

again, i hate to say it but i doubt it can be fixed - at least at a reasonable cost. if a circuit board is fried it's fried.

i have a quick question.
is the RP100A the same thing as the RP50?
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Quote by Bentheemo
Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
I would have to say no they are not the same but I can't find a quick way to compare. I do not believe that either has AudioDNA2. The second (2) chip is by far greater than original.

What I would do is go to Digitech.com and search for the RP50 under Multi-effects. Then download the user manual. Then go to 'Compare' at top right and then go to Discontinued products on right of chart and fine the RP100A and download that manual and then judge for yourself. I can't find any quick comparison charts as one is discontinued.

You and I had some pretty extensive discussions on these Digitechs back in March/April if you remember. I take it you are not happy with your Toneport?

Good luck. And a word of advice would simply be to start another thread instead of bumping something from 3 weeks ago as it is my assumption that caprap's pedal is toast. Or PM me.