Is there one that can keep the warmth of the tubes after you switch it on?

Everyone I have ever used completely goes flat when switched on no matter how it's tweaked.. but I've only used a few and they were all real crappy..

is there any pedal that will still have that tube-sound to it.. you'd think it'd kind of mix in since you're playing on the clean channel.. one second you have a nice sounding acoustic.. then it's like when it's turned on that is completely gone..
yet if you play on a dirty channel it doesn't do this..

so yeah..?
know of any decent pedals?

also.. not specifically a tubey sound.. but like a pedal that doesn't go completely thin..
you know those songs where you hear a decent acoustic part and when it goes distorted it sounds like complete crap and is very trebley..
I want the opposite of that.. kinda' like when you change from a clean to dirty channel on an amp.

edit: I found Smells Like Teen Spirit to be a good example.
More of what I want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEP0m5iUlHI
What I want to avoid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JpdLrOiOcc&feature=related

Note, I do not want the tones or style or anything of those two.. I just mean the transitition from acoustic to distortion should be more like the first and not the second when the tone just goes completely flat.
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Why not get a OD pedal? Or do you want to from pure clean to heavy disto immediately?

What kind of music and what is your specific amp?
Did you try a tube screamer?
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To be honest I think a lot of it depends on your guitar, especially the pickup. The neck pickup will typically have a thicker sound to it, so use that. Try rolling your tone back a bit, on the guitar and the distortion pedal. Also, I've found that putting the volume on the guitar down a tad and the level on the distortion up will give a more full-on sound.

Experiment with any old distortion pedal you can get, even a boss DS-1 can have a huge range of sounds.
I have an OD pedal - TS-808.. the thing is great but you see my amp (Peavey Classic 50) doesn't have an effects loop since it's the older kind..
basically I can't play with many things such as delay, looping, and harmonies on my dirty channel
I love the Tubescreamer but it isn't enough kick for playing it alone.

So I want a decent distortion pedal just to mess around with on my clean..

I play all sorts of music.. specifically classic rock, and neo-classical shred metal.

I've just never heard a pedal that sounded thick, they're always so thin..

but again.. keep in mind I've heard like three distortion pedals.. all = like the worst pedals out there..

I have a micro-cube and I didn't mind the distortion on it.. I'm sure there's a pedal that can be at least as good as the cheesy amp models on the cube.
You should try a fuzz or a Big Muff.

Especially the muff. It has very thick, warm distortion.
yeah I heard some clips of some of the muffs and they had what I'm talking about.. they didn't get all flat after the transition. and Ultima.. no.
it's the pedal.
The transition from clean to dirty channels on my amp are fine.. I can stay on the bridge but if it's from clean to distortion pedal and I'm on the bridge for both the second just just dies.

Check the edit in my first post for what I'm talking about somewhat.
I like my Marshall Guv'nor pedal. It's not BAD.... but it still sounds best with a tube amp.
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not exactly tube warmth, I know I can't get that out of a pedal unless it has tubes in it.. even then..

Just want something that doesn't kill the sound of the tubes.
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