Have any of you guys heard good/bad about these? im thinking about getting one.
Mostly good things, only thing most people dont like as the way it looks!

I think it looks awesome in black!
i think it looks pretty good, i wouldnt be thinking of getting it if it was ugly.
Sweet bass, looks like crap, well at least something you take a crap in. I still prefer a good ol Stimgray.

EDIT: Crap! Beaten!
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Great tone. WhyLater once described it as a tonal labyrinth; I think that is a very accurate description.

I love the fact that it is a EBMM with 24 frets, which is my requirement for any fretted bass I buy now. However, it does look a little odd and I found the body awkward to get my arms around to play. I'm much more of a Sterling / Stingray fan.

UtBDan has one and just loves his.
I want one more than any other bass ever, And I absolutely love the odd shape. From all the videos i've watched of it, it has a wonderful tone. Any tone!
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It sounds awesome, and I like the shape personally, I'm thinking of saving up for the 6 string version.
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I'd take the Sterling HS over it, but aside from it's toilet-like appearance, it's a solid bass.
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I played one in a music shop that was used, but the person that had it only had it for 3 months so it was pretty new and was priced for 1200$.

I saw this bass by a company called Laguna in another store and it was pretty awesome, in the tone department they were neck and neck, so I bought the Laguna Ocean TB75 because it was cheaper(at 800$), and it looked a lot better in my opinion(Had it in the Pore Natural Black color).
I played a Bongo at a store, it had the best tone I've ever heard from any bass ever.
sweet. like i said, i personally like the body.
ive heard there might be a neck dive, like it balances oddly so the guitar tends to weigh down to the floor. is it true?
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sweet. like i said, i personally like the body.
ive heard there might be a neck dive, like it balances oddly so the guitar tends to weigh down to the floor. is it true?

No no no. Not true. Its not another Tbird at all; very well balanced and built well like every other bass that bears name of Ernie Ball.
oh okay good. i was worried id spend like $1600 on a brand new one and then have neck dive.
on that note, anybody know where i can get one cheap. im looking for a 5-string, and pretty much brand new. ive been checking websites, and they mostly run around $1650.
i think my friend was able to customize his, like the color and pickguard and such....i checked the website but i couldnt figure out if it was possible or not.
i play the bongo evry time i go to the store and i fall in love with it every time! i really love this bass and there is nothing wrong with it at all. SOOOO MANY TONES! it would suite about evry style music except vintage/classic rock. not sure how it would sound as a classic jazzer either. but other than that it is great! i dont like the 5 string too much but the 4 string is awesome!

im still looking for the "next" 4 string because as awsome as my jazz is it feels out of place look wise in a metal band so im trying to find a nice 4 string so far it is between the bongo, Corvette double buck, or a ESP F or Viper or B 404 but i sometimes look very very hard at the survoyor 404 too expecially now that they come in new colors.

on a side note i do like the looks too.
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