Hellraiser FR. One of my favorite guitars. And i noticed ur avatar thingy of A7X..... Synyster gates used to use a Hellraiser FR before he got his custom model.
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I've only played the Hellraiser FR, and it's a great guitar. The Floyd can take tons of abuse and still stay in tune.
It all comes down to this:

do you want flashy looks? go for the hellraiser
do you want a more spartan guitar? go for the blackjack
you want blackouts? go for the blackjack

personally id go for the blackjack. i dont like the looks of the hellraiser for some reason.
Pretty much the same thing.

Do you want EMG's or SD Blackouts?
Flashy looks or subtle elegance?
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essentially it will come down to this:

EMGs, shinier: HR

SD Blackouts, aged finish: ATX

Other than that, those 2 guitars are extremely similar in feel and playability.
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