Hey, I want to start to learn some new songs, and they are all in dropped C tuning. I have an Ibanez RGR320ex, and it has the tuning locks on the neck. So I unscrew them using the allen wrench, and I turn all my knobs down to the right key (BTW, I have an edge 3 tremelo bridge which is basically the same thing as a floyd rose). So the strings are down, but they KEEP GETTING HIGHER!!!! I repeatedly turn them down, and try to tighten the tuning locks at the neck, but the strings seem to self tighten!

Also, the other thing is that when I am tuned that low, my bridge like sinks into the body, so I can whammy outward, but I can’t bring it inward to raise the pitch.

PLEASE anyone with experience with this, please help me find the solution!

a number of things your doing wrong.
1) you can't just change the tuning with a floating trem and think your done, you have to have it properly set up for the tension (thus your bridge has sunk)
2) you would need to change string gauge to help with that problem
3) meet the search bar.
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3) meet the search bar.

didn't see that one coming.
but ya, listen to this guy.