Just finished a new song last night called Dystopia.
I haven't recorded the solo yet so there's a synth playing it in the demo on my myspace page here:
if you want to go have a look and tell me what you think.


I'm searching for a vocalist who can email me vocal tracks or something by the way. If you're interested or inspired by any of my music.

Thanks in advance.
~ J6hn
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Very sick. Diggin this track alot. How'd you get all those sweet synth sounds? VSTs or something? Anyways, awesome metal track. I'm also diggin your lead tone especially. Capable of sounding badass during the sweeping section, and airy and epic in the slower lead parts. Overall, sick track. Lots of potential.

If you don't mind, do you think you could take a listen to one of my tracks:




You don't have to comment on them all, but if you could do one, that'd be great. Thanks!
They're VSTs yeah. I use FL Studio, basic, but it does everything fine for what I want.
~ J6hn
I think I listened to the track 5 or 6 times. Absolutely awesome. I have some crits that may help, if you're lookin. (I can't mention exact times because of that flash player)

In the second section of the first 'chorus' (i know these terms don't apply to prog), I wouldn't repeat the clean bit four times without building on it. The 'effects'-y synth run in the right channel comes in in a little late to keep the listener fully engaged, I think.

Absolutely love the mixing and backin FX and just... pure clean sound during the transition into the third 'section'. The combination of backing "aahs", manual sounding percussion and some sort of ring-moded whispered vocals or something? It's a great section.

The next switch from the 'full-reverb, choir aah, breakdown'-kinda middle part (mentioned above) to the 'choppy guitar+synth' section makes it feel like you're moving from one 'soundscape' to another. I think you did it by slowly fading out the reverb of the first section, then fading in the next. Maybe it would be best to make an abrupt stop? I don't really know the best solution, but the change was noteworthy.

[Edit: I do know the solution. I forgot that these synth tracks are just the skeleton for your lead. When you record that lead, make sure to fatten it up and give it the same wide reverrb properties as the rest of these sections]

The next synth arpeggio runs are awesome and work perfectly with the backing guitar, although it's all a bit reverb-heavy again. You've got good enough quality to lay back on the reverb some, I think.

The lead that comes next is also awesome.

I wonder if all of this last section is a little 'wet' in terms of reverb and stuff. Esp. when the last rhythm guitar comes in and pulls the whole thing a little more to the metal side. It sounds like there is an awesome crisp rhytym guitar peice that could be pulled a tad more to the front without actually turning it up (just by cutting the reverb of all of the other things that are going on).

It's the back-and-forth between hard-edged metal and wet-prog that kinda makes the track lose some audioscape continuity, I think.

Can I ask how you wrote this? Like the process?

Did you write a section at a time, and then figure what would come nice after it? Or did you just picture the whole track and sort out the details afterwards?

It was well composed, and the audio quality is excellent.
If I did it, this is how I did it.
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Awesome. Great composure, seriously. It had a kinda almost eastern feel to it. You did a great job with all the clean playing, there's some really nice sounds there. However, it perhaps makes the heavy sections seem less interesting. Vocals would make this a non-issue, though, so I guess it doesn't matter too much. There's definitely lots of potential with the solo, too, I can't wait to hear you record that

Great job, overall Mind giving some of this a listen? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=872216
Brilliant breakdown of the track mate.
I'll certainly take that all into consideration for the final mix!
I wrote it the way I write all my songs. I find an idea that I like, mess around with it, improv over it, try it on different instruments, see if other melodies/riffs work well over it/after it. Each section just kind of happens through messing around, nothing is composed, just let my fingers do the talking and when they say something profound I dictate it.
The only thing composed was the solo that I haven't recorded yet.

I find it amusing and amazing how many people comment on the recording quality of this crappy computer mic:

~ J6hn
Well I don't know how often you use this place, but I've definately subscribed to your mp3 releases
If I did it, this is how I did it.