I've been working on a batch of new songs for the new band me and a few buddies started up, but here's the thing; I can write choruses and catchy hooks without a problem, but when it comes to writing verses, I can't write anything. And by anything, I mean anything. I try to think of a vocal melody for the verse and my mind draws a blank. I feel inspired to write something but my pen just won't touch the paper, so to speak.

Any tips or advice?
just play around on a scale thats how i figure stuff out just mess around and youll find something you like and make it a verse but dont try to hard just mess around and youll find something
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Who, How, When, Where and Why....

That should sort your verses out
I try to carry around a small pad of paper and a pencil or pen around with me all the time, because when I am walking around in my everyday life, a line or two might randomly pop into my head, or someone will say something particularly provocative or poetic. If you think of everything in terms of a song, finding things to write about is easy.

When you sit down to actually work on a verse, just write random words and phrases and try to piece them together. Thats what I do at least, especially if I don't have much inspiration. It will inevitably need a ton of editing, but that is easy.
Quote by AlmostLikeLife
I feel inspired to write something but my pen just won't touch the paper, so to speak.

That's pretty good imagery for a guy who can't write anything

This is just a technique for practicing until you can write anything you want. So basically, think of a subject, any subject, like walking to the store or something, and then think of a literary device, such as a metaphor, or personification. So write something about walking to the store in metaphors. e.g. "The sky was a battlefield and the clouds soldiers, while I walked over eggshell sidewalks into the war torn corner store."

Just write. Doesn't have to be about what I said, think of any subject, and just practice. The thinking process is what gets you inspired anyways, so while you're thinking of something why not practice your writing abilities in the mean time, right?

Anyways, hope this exercise helps you out.