So im working on this new project with a friend of mine thats gonna mesh the fantasy lyrical stylings of power metal with the catchy, upbeat music of pop punk. So here is just the music part, as my friend has yet to write lyrics for it. It's in my profile under the name "Song 1".

Also, before the genre police come, I just wanna say that I tried to come up with something thats pop-punkish, so don't get mad if what I'm playing is considered something else and I just don't know about it.

It sounds freakin' awesome, reminds me of yellowcard, especially the chorus, they have a bunch of fast melodies going in some of their songs like that
Hahaha. Fpp!!
Erika(Interviewer): If not music then what?

Mikael Akerfeldt: Errr…death. [Serious but laughs]