So here is my first good song, i really like my guitar solo, there is a vocal part played by the clarinet here, but i haven't got lyrics yet (except for the Bridge, i think it will all be Whoa whoa ooo whoa! stuff), once my band gets a rythym guitarist, singer and drummer, ( xD ) we should be good to go with this song. also it was pretty cool about half way through i realized it all fit in the D Major Scale, so that made writing a guitar solo way easy, and i think it sounds pretty cool
Guitar Pro.zip
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Nice bit of jazzy indistinct pop/rock. I wouldnt listen to it myself, but others that like this style would. It is kept intersesting, moderate solo, alll you need now is a band...

good stuff
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Wow, that was great I must say that it is very well put together. The transition when you go from the verse to the chorus is very well done (awesomeness!) and the chorus is also great:p The solo is good, but i think it would something better if u put a harmonised guitar with it (don't know if that was a correct sentence :p). So despite it being not my style, I enjoyed it and I think that many people will love it ^^