I recently bought a Monster Magnet tab book and they use a lot of pentatonic licks in their solos. There are a couple of simple licks that have been holding me up. They look like this.


And This which is just the same shape one string lower


I've been sticking to the one finger per fret rule. And I use the same fretting for both licks but I'll use the first one as an example.

I barre the 12th fret on B and G with my index. I play the 14th with my ring and than just release to get the pulloff. Then I reach up and hit 14 with my ring.

It just doesn't "feel" like I'm playing it right if you know what I mean.

Am I doing this correctly or is there a more correct way to go about it?
id just use the tip of my index for the 12 and ring for the 14, as if your playing just normal notes,
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id just use the tip of my index for the 12 and ring for the 14, as if your playing just normal notes,

So what your saying is that you'd be playing it like I described except you wouldn't be barring the strings like I'm doing?
Sounds...basically correct, but...hmmm, sounds too easy...whatever, sum things r easy...i guess this is one of 'em!
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yeah, don't barre, they'll ring more than you want them to.

I just tried it without barring. It works but I can't do it very fast. When I barre the lower frets I can play these types of licks much faster.

It doesn't seem right to barre the strings but it helps for speed.

I just want to know that my technique is good because I don't want to build speed without making sure I'm doing it properly first.

Any other thoughts?
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You need to roll your finger from the B to G and G to D string.

Could you please explain?
You fret the G string in such a way that when it's time to fret the D string (on fret 12, of course), you can simply pivot your finger on the fingertip and fret the D string.
Thanks a lot BGC

Pivoting my finger instead of lifting off the string gives me the same benefit as barring in that I don't have to move my finger as much and it gets rid of the notes ringing out more than I want them too.

It's still a little unnatural but that's because I've never done it that way before. Now I know how to practice it correctly!

This was exactly the type of advice I was looking for

I can't thank you enough
Yeah I've read up on finger rolling for sweeps but I've never thought of using it for any other situations.
If you want to eliminate excess string noise, you can fret this the way you would fret a rolled sweep. Barre 12 but pivot the barre you you only fret one string at a time and mute the other.
Thanks again

This was exactly the type of technique advice I was looking for.

And since it comes from you I know its correct.

Rock on
Rolling your finger is a bad idea generally when it can be avoided, and in this lick it's particularly bad. It's going to make the 12th fret harmonics ring out in this case, and any time you can avoid rolling your barring you should. Take it from Shawn Lane.
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