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Listen to the song called Agape.

Go to :38 seconds and listen to the sweeps and if someone could maybe by ear tell me what kind of sweep is being played.

Like post up something similiar to it because I cannot figure it our for anything.

Thanks so much in advance!
zomg the vocalist is black :O

don't see that everyday...
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Probably the most common arpeggios you will see in metal (at least in what I've personally seen):

The first guitar is simply playing along the top strings of this minor root shape (i):

The second guitar comes in as a minor fifth (v), key-wise:

You should be able to listen to the song and play accordingly; the rest is not hard to figure out.
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^ that's a 4th. Also, there is no minor 5th, just a diminished 5th.

What I meant is that the second arpeggio is the fifth (dominant?) of the key (the first arpeggio being the root). And that its a minor arpeggio rather than a major, making it a lowercase 'v' and not an uppercase 'V' -- I'm not so good with theory, and even worse at explaining what I do know