which amp should i get i tried a Marshall Vintage mondern thought it sounded bad, tried a JVM thought it sounded good but was over priced, Tried a preavey 6505+ good distortion but not very versitile , very bad cleans. Tried a mesa dual = sounded great and had alright cleans but was also overpriced. i play iron maiden , EVH, Rush, Muse, The starting line, X town, The who, STP, Dethlok, Guns N roses, Dokken, Ozzy stuff , staind.

I am looking for a halfstack for touring with my band i am aiming for a 50 watt tube head and a 4x12 cab but i could deal with a 100 watt ( i have a sound proof practice room)

Currently i have a flextone III as my main touring amp and its sounds like a robot its so digital.

Edit: My price range is around 2,300 for head and cab
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Dont no if this helps, but theres a Crate Blue voodoo on here 4 sale, I dont no a damn thing bout amps, just throwing out suggestions
have you tried Bugera? i've heard they can be pretty versatile. also maybe look into an ENGL, i don't know how their cleans are but their overdrive is heavenly.
Why not just go with a fender and build a small pedal board. i mean you cant beat the cleans and if you can get your hands on a fender "the twin" then youll have both a clean channel and a versitile drive chan(its not a halfstack though...but its 100watts pure tube and will peel paint off walls by the time you hit "2")
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