Today I got a couple new guitars!!!

First up...

Raven West Guitar RG650


Spalted Maple top
Ebony fretboard
Neck thru
Abalone Vine inlays
Floyd Rose

Second Guitar

Dean ML Dimebag Tribute


Floyd Rose
Dimebucker treble pickup
Mahogany body and neck
Flame Maple top
Cream binding on body and neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Set neck construction

Its in a little rougher shape as I got it used, and it has been gigged with. However it plays like butter. Just so silky and smooth.

Sorry for the crap pics, I took them all out side polished them up then realized my wife took the camera to go visit her dad... Cell phone is all I had.
sweet. the raven looks nice. i don't dig the Dean though.
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man, way to be going for the FBD Dimebag Dean, They Make Some Badass Guitars, Bro...
The RG is sexy. Don't care much for the dean though.
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them are some sweet looking guitars. how much did the raven cost ive never seen one before. and is it a real fr because it looks really fake in the picture.
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Don't much care about the ML but the Raven is a very pretty guitar; I hope it plays and sounds as nice as it looks.
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very nice - Raven West guitars look real good - I just hate how they never have buy-outs.
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Nice guitar. Are lefties harder to find for you?

Umm not really.. SOmetimes I cant get the guitar I want.. But if you know where to look and have a little patience you can score some nice deals.... And you have to be willing to buy without playing it and used. So far I have been lucky.


I wish this came in a left handed version... 7 string for $160?? I would buy that in a second!!!