My friend was looking for a new guitar today so I went with him to our local Guitar Center and I had never played a fretless bass before so I picked up this fretless Warwick Corvette and started playing and instantly fell in love. Since I dont have the money to buy a new fretless bass I'm considering de-fretting my VM-Jazz, should I do it?
well i had a sh*tty ibanez GSR model and when i upgraded for my birthday i got a VM-jazz cause i liked it better than a MIM especially for the price and i am in love with the VM so i took my ibanez and converted it fretless and now dont hate it like i did when it was fretted. so i would imagine that a defretted VM would be like orgasm amazing

tl;dr...defret it but only if you have a fretted you can still play
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