I know this song may be a little typical, but I just felt like posting it here. C4C?

You Set Fire To Me

Verse 1:

I can't face this emptiness,

These walls cry in despair

I bleed from every wound,

Forgetting hurts more than losing you


I can't help that we're falling apart x2


I can't live (without you)

I can't breathe (without you)

You're the only one, my burning sun

You're the only one, you set fire to me

Verse 2:

I'm sick of needing an excuse,

I'm sick of wearing this noose

I'm sick of being sick,

You make me so F*cking sick



Verse 3:

I hope we make it through,

'cause I can't imagine life without you

but there's nothing that I can say,

that will make this all okay,


Chours x3

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