Okay, okay, so there are probably a million posts like this already. xP But I really would appreciate some advice. I have been playing the piano for about three years, and I'm sorta at an intermediate level. I know how to read music.

I've really fallen in love with the Schecter ZV (Zacky Vengeance) Special, but I was wondering if I should really even consider it since I'm not sure if it's a good beginner's guitar. I'm not on a huge budget, but I really wouldn't wanna spend more than $800. (My parents are purchasing it for me, and I'm REALLY lucky since they're not uber cheap or anything.)

I love Avenged Sevenfold, and they inspired me to learn (please, no comments on how they suck and how horrible they are and stuff) how to play. I just don't want the Synyster Standard, since it seems at least a little common. Here are some links to the guitars, if you're interested.

ZV Special (actually runs for about $770)

Vengeance Custom (discounted on musician's friend)

Thank you very much. ^_^

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Thanks for your advice. :P I just don't wanna get anything that'll be too hard to play, since I'm only about 5'0 and 13 years old.
Either way, I would suggest you going to a local music store and try out a few of these recommended guitars and a few others to get one that feels good in your hands.
Schecter is really good, but I would recommend getting the same model that Zacky V plays instead of his standard, it'll be cheaper that way...also make sure to play it first, or if you can't play at least hold it or something, or get somebody who knows how to play to go with you. to make sure it sounds good and feels right and whatnot.
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... Isn't $700-$800 a bit much for a first guitar? I'd get a $400 (ish) guitar at tops. I mean, what if you go off guitar? That's some major money.

Only stuff I can recommend are Epiphones and Jacksons in that price range, but I don't really have much interest for stuff like A7X so I'm not sure if any Epi's/Jacksons'd be much good for that kinda stuff.

Oh, and the amp's more important if you're looking for a specific sound...
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Thanks for your advice. :P I just don't wanna get anything that'll be too hard to play, since I'm only about 5'0 and 13 years old.

Your height doesn't really matter it's never been a problem for me or my friends, just make sure you play the guitar (or at least hold it and feel it, if you can't play yet) to make sure that the neck is the right size and it's not too heavy or neck heavy . But don't get a "sig" guitar. You will be able to buy an equally good guitar for the lower price. Check out Ibanez, Dean and Jacksons as well.

What you need to look at also is amps, because this contributes to your tone the most.
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You might want an amp too.
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For your first guitar, I wouldn't recommend getting something as expensive as that. If you end up not liking guitar, and you want to sell the guitar you bought, it's really such a waste of money.

Just go with a Squier and a MicroCube, can't go wrong with that, and shouldn't be more than $300.

If you really want to spend the $800 budget you've got however, you could try getting something like this.


Schecter S-1, similar guitar as to the one you liked.


Vox AD30.
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I think you might be better off getting an acoustic and an electric instead of starting out on an $800 guitar. Starter guitars can be a hinderance (like playing a keyboard that's not weighted) but 3-400 will get you a decent guitar you might never grow out of. Unless you have an amp you'll need to consider that in the price too.