I have an old black Nashville Tele with a red polaroid pickgaurd... I'm thinking of getting a new white pickgaurd and painting like a rising sun logo on it, then on the body I just wanna do a little like psychedelic design, but to do that could I use just very small brushes and paint with stenciling? And If I did just use that would I need to strip it, I know obviously if I spray paint it everything needs to come out, but I thought maybe if I could just use little bits of paint and stencil stuff, and do a sort of design like jimi has on his flying v.

And if someone has a pic of his flying v that would be a lot of help, and somewhere I can get a plain white pickgaurd for a Nashville tele cuz it's got the extra pickup. Thanks a bunch.
i can't help you at all really. but i'm thinking about getting a nashville tele soon. is there anything about it i should know thats not in the specs??

sorry if that was off topic. i already tried my own thread about it. anyways, i don't see why that wouldn't work. maybe you could get a decal or something... from a printing place and put that on a pickguard. it probly wouldn't cost much more, and you'd get a much cleaner look.
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That's not a bad idea, I'm thinking the chinese music symbol on the back which I've done before on stuff. No it plays really well, the only thing I'd suggest is thick strings because for some reason on those the frets eat into the strings, when I first bought it I went through about 4 sets of strings in a month before I realized I needed to upgrade to a thicker guage. They're great guitars though I love mine more then anything I've played and I've played SG's, some real nice LP's, a Clapton model strat, charvels, but the teles my fav, it works real well for a wide range of styles.