Yo, I never really paid much attention to pedals, but I was thinking that I may pick up a couple of "essentials" over the summer. I want to get tones like Morello, Greenwood and Adam Jones... I'm thinking distortions and overdrives to start with? And an octave pedal too, they look like fun.

Could you people help me out by specifying some good pedals to achieve their^ tones? Also any other effect recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Ah, I guess that'd help somewhat eh?
To be honest I don't even know how pricey pedals can get, I've seen some at the $200 dollar mark, so lets start at 200 max.
Well the octave and tom morello can be covered by the Digitech whammy but its costly and more for playing around with than really using consistently. The fulltone ocd or mxr GT-od can get some good morello dist. for under 140. An mi audio crunchbox can get good cranked marshall sounds.

I'm taking a look on Musician's Friend right now... do Boss pedals give good sound? They're relatively inexpensive.
some can be good but there are usually better (but a little more expensive ones) Boss has a good cheap delay and some cheap dirt pedals.