Hey guys, i would love some help. Im trying to find a website that has pre-recorded drum beats and stuff like that for improv on my bass, i cant find anything and if you guys had any links to websites that i could just play along to, and improv with that would be great.
There are tonnes of sites out there, do a quick google search. You could also download hydrogen, http://www.hydrogen-music.org/ and create your own.

But if you want to test your drummers ear check out http://www.mhat.com/phatdrumloops/beats.asp. The drum loops aren't long enough to play with, but I was surprised how many drum licks my resident drummer could identify from a 3 second sample.

Also--check out garage sales for cheap keyboards. They usually have built in drum loops. They're cheezy as hell, but not bad for practice!
Also, the DigiTech BP series has a drum machine in it, they don't stray from 4/4 and 3/4 time though.
definitely check out a program called Band-in-a-box. You enter chord progressions and the program itself improvises a drumbeat, guitar, piano, pretty much every instrument to the certain style you select. It also has over 1000 different solo styles that solo over the chord progression if you want. What i do is i turn off the bass so there is none in the song it made so i can just solo over the chord progressions. Best tool i've ever used to practice scalar/modal improvisation in key.

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