so i have a question

i have been playing for a few years now and recently i have had my amp unplugged and kept away in my closet. i usually only use it now whenever i'm playing at church or practicing with my band. but anyways, i usually just pick up my electric guitar and just play it unplugged whenever i'm in my room.

here is my question:

are there any pros and cons to practicing without an amp? do you develop bad habits by practicing without an amp, or does it help you play better?

any input would help. i haven't played through my amp in a while basically because i'm too lazy to roll it out and plug in everything and all that.

i practice guitar unplugged. it's just like using an acoustic guitar for me. i only use my amp to see if my practice has paid off. i only plug my guitar to the amp to check if i play cleanly especially when i shred.
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Well are you playing fine at church? The guys in Chimaira play it unpluged in the back of the van. I do it cuz I am lazy at times too. If you can make it sound good and clean without the amp, it should sound good with it...
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well, its harder to hear your mistakes, but thats about it.
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Quote by BFun
well, its harder to hear your mistakes, but thats about it.

but then again your mistakes aren't hidden by the gain knob being all the way up.
Small details get missed when you practice without an amp. Like lifting your fingers off the strings without sounding them. If you play plugged and unplugged, it's not a big problem. Playing only unplugged seems like a bad idea to me.
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Quote by sum_ugly_man
but then again your mistakes aren't hidden by the gain knob being all the way up.

i play both ways
it depends on how hard it is to get my input and headphone cables untangled
I usually spend part of my practice time with gain all the way up so I can hear everything.
Nothing is wrong with playing unplugged but playing with your amp will give you a more opportunity to adjust your tone and pick up any sloppy technique too.
I've noticed that tone control settings that sound nice at low volume tend to be overdone when the amp is cranked (ie too much Bass boost or too much treble boost). The dynamics really change with volume so practicing with your amp gives you time to experiment and tweak your sound. Higher gain also makes your guitar more sensitive to adjacent string noises, wrong notes or poorly fretted ones as well. Practicing at or near volume settings will make these stand out more and let you note and correct them.
I find playing unplugged really lets you enjoy the natural tone of your guitar. I have a few of them and its nice to hear how different they can be. I usually end up playing something completely different on one guitar than another because it just suits that guitars vibe.
When I plug in then the electronics become more involved with the sound with what and how I play.
Refer to my sig. But seriously I do it all the time and I'm sure it's fine.
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