Yea so i am buying all these stuff, i was wondering if everything i am buying is worth it and like if i should add or remove or swap any of the items.

Guitar : Ibanez S5470
Amp : Marchall MG100DFX


- Ibanez weeping demon
- Digitech Whammy
- Boss GE 7
- Boss DD 3

is there like any other pedals that i should have, like the must have pedals? i dont really wana buy an effects processor because i hear that they are bad for the sound and i would rather have seperate pedals anyway.

I am buying all of these for around $2,500

ps. this is the first time i am buying an electric guitar, dont get me wrong, i can play guitar well enough. but like i was wondering because i never bought electric guitar stuff before so yea...thx
The guitar is damn fine, so are half the pedals. The amp is however, an over sized practice amp. What's your budget? What type of music are you willing to play?
thye're fine except for one. replace the marshall with another amp. it's not bad, but for the price, there are other better sounding amps.
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hmm seems like everyone agrees on changing the amp. ok. uh i mainly play metal, classical music, stuff like paul gilberts and yngwie malmsteens stuff. just throwing it out there so you know what kinda player i am. so what amp should i get? my budget is around $400 to $500.