Yeah so im a noob guitarist, just starting to be able to play decently. I quickly realized that im going to need some pedals. Which pedal is better for playing stuff like metallica, iron maiden, van halen, slash, and the like?

MT-2 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-MT2-Metal-Zone-Effects-Pedal?sku=151328

OS-2 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-OS2-OverdriveDistortion-Guitar-Effects-Pedal?sku=151336

Thanks in advance

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i see. what would be a good pedal then for rock/hard rock thats under 100$?

"Rap is to music as etch-a-sketch is to art" - Woody Paige
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MT-2 has to be the worst pedal I've ever played.

can't believe i ever bought one...
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lmao +10000

but yeah.. they are awful.. I mean sure I managed to make one sound half-decent.. in an 850 dollar amp..
even then it was just a normal average boring sounding distortion.. and through every other solid state amp I've heard it in, it sounds so horrible..

better off getting a freaking lyon distortion.
I agree with the hatred on the metalzone... I also bought one . Still, I think it served me alright. There are definitely other better distortion pedals out there though. Of course, taste is subjective but I think the majority of players will find it's tone somewhat lacking and high volumes makes it go very, very muddy.
I think they're both ok for bedroom practice, but if you want to use them with a high W amp then you should look for something else.
I own an MT-2 and I like it, sounds pretty awesome if you can get the right settings

However, My guitar teacher uses an OS-2 or something similar and he swears by it

So it's a matter of preference, if you want to go full on metal or close, get an MT-2 or if you want distortion but not over the top, get the OS-2

Hope I helped
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You don't need any pedals, you just need a half-decent amp. If you've just got a cruddy 10-watt noisebox that came in a starter pack don't bother with pedals and put the money towards a better amp instead.

The MT2 is atrocious, and the OS2 is just kind of mediocre, tries to do two things at once and doesn't quite manage either.
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