Harmonics that you make by having your thumb lightly brush the string after you pick it....They're those Squealy thingys. For an examples listen to any Zakk Wylde era Ozzy or Killswitch Engage. I'm sure someone else can explain them better...
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What exactly are they???

Mostly used in rock guitar, they are that really high pitched sounds mae with a guitar, kind of sounds like a squeal. It is done by using your thumb and lightly touching the string after you pluck it.

Go on youtube, lookup justin sandercoe, he has a good turtorial.

Good luck
basically they are regular harmonics, but instead of playing them by lightly tapping with your fretting hand, you fret the note normally and lightly tap the string with your thumb while picking the note. Usually done so you can bend the note and give it some vibrato like Zakk Wylde does.

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someone please link to the justin sandercoe video\

edit- nvm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I5O8P-r5Rk
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