I have a cable to record guitar onto my computer, and I can do some basic editing in a program called Magix Music Maker, but I need a way to add in drum beats without actually recording the drums. MMM is sort of like Garage Band, because it has preset sounds and such that you can put in, but they're all really cheesy or fake.

What's the best program to add in drums? I need one with lots of variety, and one that is easy to use. Price doesn't really matter to me (I might not be buying it).
FL Studio has all sorts of synth, and the drums are pretty decent.

For free: hydrogen, but it's pretty limited.
try tune tracks ez drummer or addictive drums, you'll need some kinda of vst host like fruity loops but ez drummer has drums sampled from the guy from meshuggah
I have some kind of Magix music software. I have no fecking idea how to work it though.

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FL Studio has all sorts of synth, and the drums are pretty decent.

the drums can be amazing if you get a good sample set and really know how to use the program.
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I have FL and it's quite good tbh, theres a default sound of some guy who says "we stand out like bird **** on a black shoe" =\
Another cool thing is Virtual DJ, I like making random remixes on there (although they are quite crap lol)