Topic. A ton of people seem to have a beef with gold hardware. I'm not talking the people who say "Way too much bling" or something like that. I'm talking people who say it's just going to wear off. Is this true? Will the finish come off any faster than say, idk, black or chrome? Because on some guitars I like gold hardware, but at the same time if it's going to look nasty because someone touched it or if it's going to be all spotted in a year or so I'd much rather just go for something with hardware that doesn't have a "glossy" finish.

Also, if gold hardware really DOES deteriorate faster, then does chrome hardware do the same? What about black nickel? Because that's what the EC-1000 has (prob my next guitar) but if it's gonna look like **** within a few months then I'll look for something similar or go with something else.

Don't get me wrong, I mean to a certain point it matters for me because I want my guitar to look nice, but at the same time if I play it and just adore it there's no way I'm just not going to buy it because of the color of the hardware. I was just wondering about why gold hardware gets flak sometimes.
it wont ware any faster than n e thing else and if people take care of thiere **** they wouldent half to worry about it
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My guitar looks great w/ gold hardware. Some of the finish wears off the tailpiece from sweat, but just a little around the edges.
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it wont ware any faster than n e thing else and if people take care of thiere **** they wouldent half to worry about it

That's kind of what I figured... I mean if you clean your guitar regularly it should were just about as fast as anything else logically speaking, unless because of the bright color it shows dirt more
Nothing bad. Slight wear which is something you expect with a guitar, and it adds character. It won't look spotty, but it'll just wear a little bit around the edges.
if the hardware has been poorly plated in gold then it does flake off but you shouldnt have a problem with high end guitars
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My cousin's Epi LP has (had) gold hardware, it's pretty trashed now.

I like the look, though. It fits nicely with our band.
blackie looks like a beat up piece of ****. but it's still a great guitar.
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Never had gold so I can't comment on wear. I can tell you why I don't have anything with gold on it though. I can look at it and turn gold green. Acid fingers.
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I'm gonna go on a guess, it isnt that it wears faster, but that said wear is more noticeable.
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