So as a gift I just recently got a Roland micro cube RX. My uncle said we could take it back and he would pay the difference to get me a b-dec30 if I choose.

I'm wondering wich one do you think has better sound quality? I'm just trying to make an informed decision.

Here is my Roland.


And I'm wondering if this amp is better than the b-dec30, its definately cheaper.

what do you guys think? Any help is appreciated so thx in advance guys.
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Stay away from the behringer, they do not sound particuarly great and there is a lot of people who have had them break down on them

as for the fender it lacks power enugh to jam with a drummer

If you want something that gives you a lot of effects i would suggest:

however for something more traditional (biggest non-behringer bang for buck)

Happy Shopping
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Don't get the B-dec 30. It has a horrible sound, it's tone is lifeless and is very sterile sounding.