Did anyone ever ordered a guitar from there and actually received it? I'm kinda scared now that I've ordered an acoustic guitar from them. I read many horror stories about lamusic.ca but that was after my purchase >.< It's been a week now and haven't received anything yet ( emails, tracking number.. ). I will give them a call on monday, but heck what kind of business is this? Some threads are over a year old and I feel like they haven't gotten better.. I just hope it's not going to take a month or more before I receive my guitar, and they better not say the guitar I want is out of stock because I will be f**kin pissed off since it was described as instock. I chose them because Steve was sold out on the Takamine G440C >.< I want to cancel the order but apparently someone tried and never got their money back or some crap like that. That was my rant for today, any suggestion or help appreciated.
i wondered about that site too because my sister is going to canada for the rest of the year so i was gonna get her to bring me one back but Im not too sure on the stability of the site it looks kinda... i dunno. They don't even have fenders
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