hey everyone. Im either gonna get a rotovibe or get an EH small clone and EH nano small stone....Can i acheive that leslie sound found on the rotovibe/univibe, etc. with combining the stone and clone? OR should I get the rotovibe for the leslie sound and the stone for the phaser and the clone for the chorus? let me know what you peeps think.
i have the small clone and it definitely can achieve you're leslie needs, for example black hole sun by soundgarden, it nails it spot on
and its also a great chorus
so is the small stone as a phaser
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the small clone will get faster leslie sounds, and the small stone can come pretty close to getting slower ones.
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in my opinion,the small clone if really limited pedal.i bought it when i was a HUGE nirvana fan(im more of a Radiohead guy now )
Im not familiar with the first pedal,but ive heard wonderful reviews of the small stone!
Best of luck!
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