I want a new guitar, and I would like it to look like one of Jason's:

So I decided that I was either going to order a Carvin or a Jackson Soloist with a natural maple top (probably the Carvin), upgrade the humbuckers to a Dimarzio Super Distortion and Evolution (which come in yellow and red; I think I would get those colors for the humbuckers) and then for the inlays, get some different color masking tape and make block inlays out of it.

Good idea or not?
he has numbers just goto a gay craft store and but different color nimber stickers
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Also, does DiMarzio make humbuckers like the one on the guitar, where each of the coils is a different color?
Tape inlays would be a bad idea, they would peal off after a while and gum up your strings and fretboard.
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and the tape would make it harder for tEH SHREdXORXSS!!!!
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The tape inlays wouldn't work. You'd have to get a neck made with the inlays, but I've no idea what that'd cost.

It just reminds me too much of the Spinal Tap guitar to take it seriously:

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Where might I find them? On GC and MF, I see that they have black and purple ones, but those are not the colors I would need.