that i have procured a good squier?
no its not an oxymoron
it came in my strat pack
it plays just as well as a meixcan(though not quite as good as a MIA)
and ive played my fair share of squiers, and nothing even compares

so the point is, has anyone else ever had a good experience with a squier?
or did they just print the wrong thing on the headstock?
sheer luck.
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Quote by Shinsen88
My sister has a Squier and it feels and plays pretty well. It's no Fender, but I actually kinda liked the feel and tone. Come to think of it, the guitar was also from a pack. Maybe they only put good ones in the combo packs.

i've played some out of packs that feel like **** and sound like it too
Maybe you just haven't had enough experience with other guitars to notice a difference.

But hey, if u got a good Squier then that's good hah...
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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Of course it is possible and happens quite a lot. You shouldn't assume a guitar is going to be either good or bad just because of the name on it. Obviously, you can edge your bets more with certain brands, but it's not always the case.

There will be great Squier's and bad Gibson's. Just how it works.

IF you like that Squier then you can have fun upgrading the pickups and hardward at a later date rather than just buying a new guitar.
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