so yea i got a roland (boss) DS-2 turbo distortion and a crybaby wah original or sth....and i wanna know wt's the difference and how others prefer to put the distortion first ( nearer to guitar) or after the wah (nearer to amp)....usually if i turn to mode 2 tht's the turbo mode on DS-2 which adds quite a lot of mid to the sound and i put it after the wah, the wah is not so noticiable, btw i use an american start..
I usually put the distortion pedal, then the wah, then to the guitar. I don't have your equipment though, so I can't offer much advice, just experiment with it until you get a sound you like. I find that putting the wah between the DS and the amp makes some absolutely horrible sounds, but that may just be personal preference.
my set up is in order from top to bottom, dont wanna type it out

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.