I'm looking to pick up a new strat on the weekend. I'm new to strats and am a bit confused by the different models. Basically I want something to play classic rock like Pink Floyd, Clapton / Cream, Hendrix and blues like SRV. I do enjoy playing reggae and funky cleans though. My budget is ~$800 and I am confused between three models.

The Highway One strat which I like because it's made in America:

Classic players 50's strat:

Classic players 60's strat:

These are the three I saw at my local guitar shop, however I am open to any suggestions. I don't need anything that looks fancy, I want something that will give me a nice thick, glassy blues type sound that you hear from Gilmour and SRV. I especially like Pete Townshend's live sound with his red Eric Clapton strat.

Any help would be great, I really don't know the difference between these guitars. Thanks!
The highway one looks cool and has some vintage stuff. The pups are different too. Just from looking at these, i would choose the highway. However, testing the guitars cannot be stressed enough! We can't tell you exactly which guitar you'll like, so go to a store and try them out.
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Save up a bit more and get an american standard. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-American-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510590.

Otherwise get a highway one. Look at the reviews for it on harmony central and this site

+1 to that.

Also, make sure you go to the shop and play them all through the same amp. You never know you just might fall in love with one of them.
Hmm, I say just play them all and go with what feels right.
It can be said to be the best guitar in the world but if it doesn't feel right you won't be able to milk the same sound out of it. And try to play them through the amp that you own, if they have the same type of amp in the guitar store. That way, you won't be disappointed once you hear it through your amp.
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