Ok so i learned basinc to advanced music theory
I know how to read tabs

But i want to read music sheets/notes because i play harmonica to lol
So i was wondering is there a website that teaches beginner to advance music reading lesson.
Thanks in advance XD
Whole lotta love XD
^TS said he already knew advanced theory, so I'll assume he already knows the information in that link EDIT2: ignore that, that link looks relevant.
Note reading, like sheet music reading? Like bass/treble clef reading?

If so "guitar theory" (the ug'er) wrote an awesome lesson on it here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=864436

If this is what you wanted, I'll contribute my 2 cents on music reading as well.
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yes I assume he wants to learn how to read standard notation, unless theres some other form out there (other than TAB) that is only used by Harmonica players.
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