Diz one
Diz one
Or diz one
Im going to be using it with a Presonus FP10, cubase, and a butload of other programs/plug ins. Im mainly gonna be using it for acoustic guitars and vocals, but also a bit of bass, guitar amps(99% of the time clean) and some percussion. My music is city and colourish. So yeah, anyone have any experience with them, any advice would be nice, because they all have similar specs and have no idea which one to choose.

Thanks in advance, Mr. Saturn
The Rode NT1A is a killer mic,I would go with that.

but dont use it for bass cabs or drums...the lower end frequencies could damage a condenser mic.
I would also pick up a Shure sM57 as well.
those look way overpriced! u could def find any of those way cheaper somewhere else. the NT-1a can be bought for 230$ at most anywhere, for example. and the others are jacked up too.
I believe those are in Australian dollars, as the companies headquarters is listed in Australia.
Yeah, everything in australia is overpriced, even though australian dollar is equal to american right now.
Go with the Rode. Their self-noise is VERY low, so you'll get a detailed and uncolored sound no matter where you place it. Just make sure to get a high quality microphone stand due to its heavy weight.
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